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This selection of links to educational resources is biassed towards other starting points or lists of links and 'gateway' sites, and those of local interest. Links to organisations are favoured over those which link directly to specific educational resources.

Local (Yorks, Humber and Lincs) Schools: -
Ackworth School West Yorkshire
Burley Middle School Wharfedale
Cookridge Primary School - hosted at UEA's Schoolsnet and made on an Acorn.
The Dales Primary School - Hull
Eduweb Schools Directory (RMplc)
Ganton Special School E.Yorks - nice uptodate site
Ganton on Hull
Grange School - Bradford - c/w demon headmaster, outofdate, kid's work in magazine section OK
Hanson School (CTC) West Yorks - truly hideous home page
Harrogate Grammar - a better attempt!
Harrogate Ladies College - no sign of the girls!
Herries School Sheffield - little sign of pupils' work but promising
More to follow soon.
Lincoln Christ's Hospital School
Lincoln School of Science and Technology (CTC)
Lincolnshire Schools Forum (Directory)
Long Sutton County Primary
St. Peter at Gowts Lincoln (Primary)
Sir John Nelthorpe - Brigg
Flying Seagulls - Sutton On Sea Primary School
William Alvey School - Sleaford
Leeds City Council - Schools and Colleges

Local Colleges, VIth Forms and other: -(Li NM = Learning in the New Millenium members or associates)
LiNM ILT Initiative
LiNM Colleges and Managers
Yorks & Humberside VIth Form Colleges (Li NM)
Askham Bryan College (Li NM)
Beverley College (Li NM)
Bishop Burton College (Li NM)
Boston College of Further and Higher Education
Brigg VIth Form College
Craven College (Li NM)
Doncaster College for the Deaf
East Yorkshire College (Li NM)
Eduweb (RMplc)
Franklin College - Grimsby (Li NM)
Franklin College - Grimsby (Li NM)(Empty Page)
Freiston Centre for Environmental Education nr Boston
Grimsby College (Li NM)
Harrogate College (Li NM)
Hull Centre for Continuing Education
Hull College (Li NM)
Humberside TEC (Li NM)
Leeds City Council - Schools and Colleges
John Leggott College (Li NM)
Lincoln School of Science and Technology
Lincolnshire School of Art and Design
New College Pontefract(Empty Page)
North Lincolnshire College
North Lindsey College (Li NM)
North Yorkshire TEC (Li NM)
Northern School of Contemporary Dance - Leeds Notre Dame VIth Form Leeds
Scarborough VIth Form (Li NM)
Selby College (Li NM)
Sheffield College
Thomas Rotherham College - Rotherham
Wilberforce College - Hull (Li NM)
Wyke College - Hull (Li NM)
York College of FHE (Li NM)
Yorkshire Coast College (Li NM)
York VIth Form College (Li NM)
York VIth Form College (Li NM)

Universities and HE Colleges: - these are often excellent starting points for both subject or academic research and for 'local interest' material such as city and tourism guides, maps, 'What's On', and sporting activities.

Yorkshire & Humberside Universities
Yorkshire & Humberside Universities - useful links
Cranfield - Lincs
De Montfort - Lincoln
Hull (Li NM)
Leeds Metropolitan
Lincolnshire and Humberside:

University College of Ripon and York St John
Sheffield Hallam
York (Li NM)
All UK Universities


Government's NetYear (1998) Project
Convergence International - Wintel antidote!
LibraryNET - UK Libraries on the Net
More to follow very soon (February '98)

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